Grade 000 - 0 class structure


30 Minute class once a week.

Dances covered throughout the year:

​Nursery rhymes – Wait till you hear our music!

Ballet basics – This teaches posture and is covered in our warm up

Cheerleading – Girls use pom poms and boys use flags

Hip hop – Dont worry our music and moves are child friendly but still cool 🙂

​Slow dances – Using scarves and ribbons we teach co-ordination skills

Acro – We cover basic acrobatics such as forward rolls, back rolls ect

Fun dances – The children​ learn cowboy dances, hula dances and more…

Grade 1 - 7 class structure


45 Minute class once a week.

Dances covered throughout the course of Dance Madness:

African Dance

Hip hop – Child friendly moves to the latest music!

Cheerleading – Girls and boys thoroughly enjoy this

Rock n’ Roll – We bring the hats and the moves to get you on your feet

Modern and Jazz Dancing

Disco – This high energy dance style is a must see!

Freestyle & Contemporary – Teaches children to express them self through music

Fun dances – Gives your child the opportunity to choreograph their own dance

Silk & proprioception – 2m long silk suspended a story up gives children the opportunity to do back rolls, forward rolls and test their upper body strength!